About Me

Welcome to my Homepage

I am a PhD student in machine learning and passionate about biomedical applications and health care solutions. My aim is to improve predictive performance of machine learning models in the biomedical domain by building on existing prior knowledge and facilitating the use of this knowledge in our modeling approaches.

I joined the Biomedical Informatics Group at ETH Zürich in 2022. Get in touch here here and learn more about open project proposals here.


I am interested in applications for clinical decision support, predictive modeling in the clinical setting (e.g. Intensive Care Units), and scientific discovery by means of data analysis and machine learning. For this, my interests in machine learning revolve around, but not exclusively:

  • Time-Series Modeling
  • Self-Supervised Learning; especially for GNNs and Time-Series
  • Knowledge Extraction and Representation Learning thereof
  • Transfer Learning in the Clinical Domain
  • Graph Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing


  • PhD in Machine Learning, ETH Zürich ongoing since 2022
  • Master in Data Science, ETH Zürich
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, ETH Zürich